A Good Kite

طائرة ورقية جيدة

A Good kite
Meet Desmond, a Child from Sierra Leone. He's seven years old and he has something to teach us all.
This is a children's Story for all ages. 
We've written this book in English and Arabic. With each purchase we'll make copies available to families, around the globe who have been forced from their homes because of war, disease and natural disasters.
To date, your purchases have allowed us to donate more than 100 hardback copies. Please consider purchasing a first edition now to help us donate more. 
When families are displaced, they often lose everything. They lose it all quickly. Pets, toys, games and books are left behind as they escape crisis. 
We hope to distribute this book, for free, in refugee camps and places of prolonged displacement, that families may experience the joy of reading to each other.

Currently, we are not offering BOGO because of low-stock