Buy One/Give One

Buy one book,
and a second book  will be donated to a family living in a refugee setting.

With only a few remaining copies of this print, we can no longer the BOGO offer. 
70.8 million people living on this planet  have been forcibly displaced, forced from their homes. Terms like "Refugee," "Internally Displaced Persons," and "Asylum Seekers" are commonplace in the news today. More than half of these people—31 million— are children.
When displacement occurs, whether it is from war, genocide, disease or natural disasters, families are often forced to flee with no possessions. Sometimes they only have the clothes on their backs. Pets, toys, school supplies and books are all left behind. 

When you order a copy of A Good Kite, you may opt into having a second copy of the book donated to one of our colleagues working in refugee settings around the world; they will then give it to a family, for free. You can donate 5,10 or 100 copies if you like. 

Below is the shipment of 100 copies that we just sent to Geneva, to be distributed by child protection workers in various global settings.